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We believe that product quality is the life of the business.  All Powercom solar products are accurately tested with fully automation equipments to eliminate any possible product imperfections.  At each level of quality control there is a redundant series of inspections by multiple qualified QC professionals ensuring that each product meets our stringent, internal expectations of quality.


Powercom’s products are tested and the quality certified by the most prominent international quality testing and certification bodies meeting or exceeding the highest international standards. This includes UL, CE, TÜV, IEC 61215 and ISO19001:2000.  Powercom also backs all its solar modules with a 25 year warranty.

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Powercom group has successfully developed into a leader in the PV industry based on its strong vertically integrated business model, producing its own polysilicon, cells, modules, and PV inverters in-house. The control and efficiency achieved from this integrated value chain helps to continuously improve the production process as well as ensure high quality and cost-effective products to our customers.
The crystalline silicon-based PV manufacturing value chain starts with the processing of quartz sand to produce semiconductor-grade or solar-grade polysilicon feedstock.
After controlling our own polysilicon production, we have business strategic partners to subcontract to turn polysilicon into solar wafers for us.

Wafers are then manufactured into solar cells by TGE through a multi-step manufacturing process that includes etching, doping, coating and applying electrical contacts. Solar cells are then interconnected and packaged to form solar modules, which can be packaged together with PV inverters as solar complete sets, are then distributed to system integrators, service providers or directly to end-users, for installation for on-grid or off-grid solar systems.

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