Company / CEO Message
Powercom was founded in 1987 with a staff of two. Currently. There are more than 2,600 employees all over Taiwan, Mainland China, and  
USA.Furthermore, Powercom has been publicly listed in OTC market in Taiwan since year 2002.With the mission statement, "UPS technology pioneer and power safe guard" & “Complete Power Solution”, Powercom has keenly focused on UPS research and development. With 21-year tireless effort, Powercom is now the biggest micro UPS professional manufacturer in Taiwan and probably the second biggest in the world. The production base has been expanded from Chung Ho city in Taiwan to Chun San, Gong Don, Mainland China. The monthly production capacity is more than 250,000 in total. In order to cater for increasing UPS demands in the near future. Powercom is aggressively expanding its production capacity.
Powercom is working together with world wide top UPS companies on an OEM/ODM basis for taking the hold of technology trend as well as continuously improving its quality. On the other hand, Powercom markets UPS with "PCM" brand name to more than 70 countries all over the world in order to actually understand customers' demand. Endlessly pursuing R/D capability and speed, establishing own marketing channels and seriously adhering to quality policy, "Quality First, Customer First" are Powercom's business strategy of having significant growth every year.

In solar business sector, Powercom inherit the same spirit from UPS business.  To vertical integrate the entire solar production line to provide the best quality and lowest price to the market.  Powercom design and develop PV Inverter, and even setup a 45MW of solar module production site in order to provide the mot complete solar product solution to customers.  Besides that, Powercom invested in its subsidiary company “Top Green Energy” (TGE) to produce solar cell and even the very top stream raw material – “POLYSILICON”.  In this way, Powercom has successfully secure all the resources in solar industry, and become the first company in Taiwan who actually achieve real vertical integration in solar industry.
Marching into the year 2010, we have full confidence of developing Powercom into a large-scale enterprise. Continuously keeping Powercom operation flexibility as it used to be and equipping Powercom with standardization capability like large-scale enterprise will be immediate and serious challenges for us.

Human resources are most precious assets for an enterprise. As Powercom is dramatically expanding its scale, we sincerely welcome those with keen interests on UPS industry and having rich passion of making things better to joining us to create the future together.

Taipei Headquarter: Powercom Co., Ltd Add. : 9F, No. 246, Lien Chen Road Chung Ho District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. TEL: 886-2-2225-8552FAX: 886-2-2225-1776 , 886-2-2226-0537
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