Heat Waves May Cause Power Outages

POWERCOM Raptor Outputs Stable Power for Household Equipment

In recent years, summer heat waves have aroused people's attention to national power supply issues. For example, in North America, extreme heat occurred in the western United States this summer, triggering devastating wildfires. The substantial increase in power demand will bring a heavy burden to their weak power system.

Not only in North America, but also in Europe such as Turkey, Italy and Greece, devastating wildfires have recently occurred due to heat waves. And in the Middle East, countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran were unable to load their power grids due to heat waves, causing many families and local businesses across the country to fall into the darkness.

On the other hand, the drought has also paralyzed hydroelectric power generation, leading to more serious blackouts. And the power plants reduce full-load power generation during this hot and dry summer to prevent wildfires. But if electricity companies turn off the power, it will make electricity scarcer. The power outage has caused inconvenience to citizens and may damage electronic equipment in homes and offices.

The POWERCOM Raptor UPS outputs a stable power supply during a power failure, so that the connected electronic equipment can be safely shut down. In addition, the built-in AVR can prevent short circuits, overloads and surges of electronic devices. Overall, Raptor UPS is small in size and affordable. Raptor is definitely the best UPS for home and office.

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Date Aug. 9th, 2021