La Nina phenomenon makes winter colder

POWERCOM TC UPS can adapt to extreme temperatures

Many experts point out that this winter may come very early and very cold. The reason for the abnormal climate is the La Ni?a phenomenon. This phenomenon will gradually reduce the sea temperature in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, and the northern hemisphere is more likely to experience cold winters.

Asia is affected by the La Ni?a phenomenon, and the Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that winter temperatures may be lower than usual. The South Korean Meteorological Department also stated that the first snowfall in South Korea was 15 days earlier than last year.

The United States and Europe are also affected by the La Ni?a phenomenon. The Commodity Weather Group predicts that winters in the United States and Europe will be colder compared to last year. Meteorological experts also pointed out that the La Ni?a phenomenon has brought blizzards and cold winters to come early.

The UPS that protects precision electronic equipment is unable to operate in extremely low temperature environments. Therefore, POWERCOM has developed a UPS called TC, which can adapt to extreme temperatures and is usually used in outdoor transportation equipment. TC UPS features:

  • Adapt to extreme temperature -37°C to 74°C
  • High quality power with output power factor of 1.0
  • Six Fully Programmable Dry Contacts

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Date Nov. 25th, 2021